Special Education

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  • Engagement of parents with SWD still a challenge

    (Calif.) School administrators should be careful to fully engage parents of students with disabilities and not address the process as simply a compliance function, officials told a select committee meeting on children with special needs Monday.

  • Supreme Court expands definition of FAPE

    (District of Columbia) In a carefully-worded but unanimous opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the right of students with disabilities to a “free appropriate public education” requires more than a simple compliance “check list” from schools.

  • Why lifting accountability regs will hurt underserved pupils

    It may seem like only a wonk would fret about any congressional resolution to void regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act but, in fact, it may be an enormous educational detriment for close to 37,000,000 students. And, just in case you were wondering, that’s about three quarters of the total public school population.

  • Lawmakers aim to identify students with disabilities early

    (Del.) In an effort to improve early intervention of students with disabilities, Delaware lawmakers are seeking to close a gap in school funding that leaves almost 2,500 of the state’s youngest learners without special education resources.

  • Inclusion policies improve services to SWD at charters

    (Calif.) Policies that focus on building an inclusive school culture are helping charter schools successfully integrate students with disabilities into general education classrooms, according to a new report.