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  • LEAs needed fewer waiver requests in 2016

    (Calif.) School districts requested less than 300 waivers last year from state education requirements, continuing a four-year trend, according to a new report from the California Department of Education.

  • Wave of new bills aim to address CTE shortage

    (Minn.) Lawmakers in Minnesota are reworking the state’s teacher licensure system from the ground up in a bipartisan effort to address long standing teacher shortages in career technical education.

  • Program gives new teachers time to earn while they learn

    (Calif.) Perhaps as much as any of his colleagues in district administration, John Glover, founder and CEO of a small network of charter schools in east San Jose, has a tough time filling teacher vacancies.

  • Grants bring high-tech strategy to teacher recruitment

    (Calif.) To help relieve the state’s stubborn teacher shortage, the Tulare County Office of Education is building a digital outreach campaign that, among other things, will utilize mobile avatars to carry recruitment messages.

  • Puppy love on campus helping kids cope with daily stress

    (Calif.) Students stressed out over impending college acceptance and rejection letters drop by a teacher’s class to spend time brushing the therapy dog in her class just to calm their nerves.

    At another campus, a first grader practices reading aloud while absentmindedly playing with the ears of a therapy dog that visits his class once a week.