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In the ever changing world of “state and federal programs”, it is always nice to have someone to reach out to. SI&A has continuously been there for me with quick guidance and support. “Thank You” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how I feel about your customer service. The practical concepts and tools shared are always easy to remember and apply.
The website always has updated and current information and resources. However, if you are like me, you can always email one of their expert consultants. (“Ask The Experts”) The response time is quick, if not instant! For a relatively new program director such as me, this is invaluable. Peace of mind is what I receive after speaking with a consultant which in turn allows me to better perform my daily duties.
It is a great pleasure to work with this very personable support team. Thank you for all of your dedicated support efforts. I will certainly continue to utilize your services and encourage others in our field to do the same!
Jose M. Ochoa
Director of State & Federal Programs
Mendota Unified School District

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