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  • Making Title IX protections proactive

    This column originally ran on April 27.

    Recent actions by the U.S. Education Department Office of Civil Rights reaffirm the statutory responsibility of school districts to clearly and systematically communicate policies and complaint procedures to students, parents, and every employee. Essentially, the OCR has asserted–very forcefully–that civil protections depend on proactivity.

  • FAPE comes back, bigger than ever

    This column originally ran on March 28.

    The recent unanimous Supreme Court decision for Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District made it utterly clear, for anyone who might have imagined otherwise, that free appropriate public education has implications way beyond following mandated procedures. There’s a little thing called student progress that matters as well.

  • DeVos confirmation and charters under ESSA

    This column originally ran on February 9

    During congressional hearings, Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, was not particularly forthcoming about her view on a number of national issues pertinent to education. However, based on her past performance and comments, there is one point on which the educational community can be absolutely certain–she’s enthusiastic about charters.

  • Beach reading for special educators

    Even the most dedicated administrators manage to take a little time in July, and while indulging in leisure you’ll most likely consume a book or two during the spacious summer afternoons. Today’s column will provide recommendations for vacation reading.

  • Civil rights notifications as important as ever

    The Trump administration has not been particularly vigorous about ensuring civil rights in education with regard to gender, race, disabilities, or cultural background but the protective measures required by law are as important as ever and they begin with sound policies and annual notifications. The summer season provides a lull in the daily demands on your office so you can spend time making sure that your information and procedures fully conform to the intent of the regulations.