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  • ESSA without a net, welcome to a land without regulations

    The latest advisory from our new Secretary of Education suggests, in line with previous statements, that there will be no regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act anytime soon. This confirmation means everybody’s job just became easier and more difficult all at once.

  • ESSA requirements for English learners and immigrants

    The Every Student Succeeds Act requires schools to establish, improve and reform programs for English learners and immigrants. The tone of the words delivering this mandate is loud and clear – Congress is pushing for high performance. The time to begin planning for expansion and upgrades is now.

  • Community awareness needed for underserved groups

    The special education department has an obligation to inform the community about dynamic issues relevant to students with disabilities. Recent briefs from the U.S. Department of Education should serve as an impetus to fulfill this responsibility for three subpopulations that are often unrecognized.

  • Surprise! Federal education law is pro-immigration

    Communities may worry about future prospects for educating immigrants, especially in light of the tone of some of the current rhetoric from our nation’s Capitol. However, the Every Student Succeeds Act strongly supports the achievement of every student–with a firm commitment to those coming from abroad.

  • Alternatives to retention for students with disabilities

    As students with poor academic skills move through the grades, their peers outperform them at a rate that is almost exponential. Since retention is rarely the best option, educators must be ready to employ other more suitable interventions.