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  • Retaining students with disabilities–policy matters

    As our planet moves toward the vernal equinox, parents and teachers will begin considering educational plans for pupils for next school year and one issue that will invariably arise is the prospect of retention.

  • Engagement–it’s not just for couples

    A re-occurring theme throughout the Every Student Succeeds Act is parent and community engagement–in preparation, in designing accountability report cards, in allocating funds. The congressional intent on this topic is clear: local and state education agencies are expected to be inclusive in policy development and budgeting.

  • A systems approach to school completion for SWD

    Increasing the number of students with disabilities who complete their secondary education sequence is an enterprise that requires a whole scale systematic approach by the entire educational organization with daily interdepartmental efforts. To paraphrase what Bette Davis said about getting older–it’s not for sissies.

  • Uncertainties for ESSA with a new administration

    “It’s just turbulence,” the pilot announces, and you muse, “I hope so.” As President Trump and his appointees take charge, we are hoping the transition to the Every Student Succeeds Act will be smooth, but already there are indications of a shaky ride.

  • Defining school completion for students with disabilities

    Local education agencies have latitude in determining the criteria for graduation, and that discretion coupled with the federal mandate for transition planning, presents LEAs with the opportunity for designing multiple paths for school completion for students with disabilities.