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  • Preparing for literally nothing

    It’s doubtful that President Trump’s proposal drastically reducing next year’s education funding will be fully embraced by Congress. Nevertheless, in your planning it would be best to adopt the ancient axiom of prudent budgeting: “Plan for the worst, hope for the best.”

  • FAPE comes back, bigger than ever

    The recent unanimous Supreme Court decision for Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District made it utterly clear, for anyone who might have imagined otherwise, that free appropriate public education has implications way beyond following mandated procedures. There’s a little thing called student progress that matters as well.

  • Preparing for a future with uncertain funding

    For program administrators only one scenario is more disconcerting than funding clouds on the horizon, and that is when the view is obscured by fog. Unfortunately, that situation is where future federal appropriations emerge this spring. Accordingly, preparation for the coming year requires a very conservative approach.

  • Inclusive preschools–shaping the ideal into reality

    Complying with the intent of the least restrictive environment mandate at the preschool level requires concerted effort on the part of administrators, staff and parents addressing a host of issues–some philosophical, some practical, all of them essential.

  • ESSA without a net, welcome to a land without regulations

    The latest advisory from our new Secretary of Education suggests, in line with previous statements, that there will be no regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act anytime soon. This confirmation means everybody’s job just became easier and more difficult all at once.