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  • SWD in pre-K are protected under IDEA too

    Advisories from the U.S. Department of Education have repeatedly stressed the legal obligations of all schools to build inclusionary systems for students with disabilities at all levels—this includes pre-kindergarten.

  • SWD overlooked in pre-school expansion

    More and more, policy makers are seeing the value of early learning, and are increasingly funding expansions of pre-school—but one group is still being left behind: students with disabilities.

  • Due process safeguards for chronic absenteeism

    Like their classmates, students with disabilities sometimes have a challenge getting to school, and administrators need to keep an eye out for those with excessive absences. All states have compulsory attendance laws which apply to SWD as well, but when it comes time to consider imposing sanctions on a special education student that has missed too school—care needs to be taken.

  • Critical thinking as a performance indicator

    With standardized test scores no longer the ‘be all-end all’ in regard to accountability, we must take time to determine how best to augment performance indicators, and what that will mean for teaching.

  • ESSA’s new mandates on special ed programs

    Now that every state has submitted its Every Student Succeeds Act state plan, it’s important to continue to look ahead. There will be at least six areas for which every school will be held accountable once all the federal requirements for measuring the progress of students with disabilities are solidified.