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  • Intervention agency set to begin work on pilot program

    (Calif.) Two additional local educational agencies are expected to be added Wednesday to an existing list of seven that have voluntarily submitted for technical assistance from the state’s newest intervention agency.

  • City-wide Pre-K program fills need for low-income families

    (Penn.) Philadelphia’s recently implemented sugary beverage tax has helped fund a new city-wide pre-kindergarten program that local officials say is benefitting low-income communities often lacking access to quality early learning.

  • States backslide on teacher evaluations

    (District of Columbia) Many observers of the nation’s public schools figured the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act would also put an end to the debate over teacher evaluations because the law repealed federal incentives to improve educator review.

  • Computer science dilemma: a stand-alone or part of STEM?

    (Calif.) Computer science curriculum is being pushed at virtually every school district in the U.S.–but a fundamental question continues to slow development:

    Whether it should be taught as a standalone subject or be integrated into math and science courses.

  • ESSA’s SARC mandate: include parents

    (District of Columbia) Following a theme of parental engagement, the nation’s newly-minted K-12 education law calls on administrators to conduct significant outreach to families in the preparation of school accountability report cards.