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  • Best charter schools impose ‘no excuse’ doctrine

    (N.Y.) Most research on the performance of charter schools has found their students achieve about the same as those in traditional public schools. But new research from Columbia University suggests that when the comparison is filtered by school policies, one particular kind of charter school stands out—those that abide by the no excuse doctrine.

  • Lawmakers’ renewed effort to “never forget” the Holocaust

    (N.Y.) Teachers across the country would receive training and resources to help students better understand the Holocaust–including what led to it and the consequences–under a bill introduced by a pair of U.S. Representatives from New York.

  • Patrons of art education reside in some surprising places

    (Colo.) A new national survey on art education policies found some surprisingly strong commitment in states not known for creative expression and some states that are were shown lacking.

  • State library offers licensed content free to schools

    (Calif.) As social media giants like Facebook and YouTube struggle over content and privacy issues, K-12 students throughout California will soon be getting access to a wealth of high-value online resources in a program spearheaded by State Librarian Greg Lucas.

  • Pre-K involving parent engagement boosts outcomes

    (Ill.) Participation in a high-quality pre-K to third grade education program that also emphasizes parent involvement and services can have positive effects on low-income children up to 30 years later, research shows.