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  • Adaptive learning tech may prompt new data security risks

    (Colo.) With districts throughout the country clamoring to implement adapted learning programs to promote personalized education, experts are calling on schools to ensure the technology used in such programs isn’t putting student data at risk.

  • Building soft skills through summer internships

    (Ga.) High school students will have access to internship programs meant to aid in improving soft skills coveted by employers under a new summer program that partners local business with Georgia’s Richmond County School System.

  • High schoolers earning college credit spikes

    (Calif.) In the past five years, the number of high school students in California earning college credit has more than doubled, as the traditional lines between secondary schools and community colleges increasingly blur.

  • Overcoming flash points of religious, ethnic studies

    (Md.) As school boards throughout the country come face to face with parents upset about lessons students receive on Islam, a national curriculum authority has issued guidance is calling on districts to include instruction on religion as part of the social studies curriculum regardless of the local circumstances.

  • Finding ways to extend benefits of costly pre-K services

    (N.J.) The inability of many students to retain the benefits of a high-quality pre-kindergarten program after only a few years has posed a significant public policy conundrum for decades.