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  • More changes needed to make ed. funding fair

    (Ohio) Lawmakers have passed a steady barrage of bills in recent years aimed at making Ohio’s school funding more equitable–but new research shows the state still has a ways to go.

  • Most federal ed funds safe, at least for now

    (District of Columbia) Congress is likely to maintain education funding through the end of the federal fiscal year without making too many big changes, but expectations for 2018 are not as optimistic.

  • Schools push back on Brown’s deferral proposal

    (Calif.) The Brown administration’s proposed, one-month deferral of some $860 million in school funding this summer drew widespread opposition Tuesday before a key legislative panel from both school groups and lawmakers.

  • Teacher salaries–a regional commodity

    (Alaska) Teacher shortages in some parts of the nation are driving school districts to offer better than average starting salaries and signing bonus. Meanwhile, schools in in other parts of the country where the economic recovery has been spotty continue to struggle with basic classroom needs.

  • Hackers target schools for tax ID info

    (District of Columbia) New twists on an age-old phishing ploy is targeting school districts across the county and gaining speed as tax season is fully underway, according to a warning issued this month by the Internal Revenue Service.