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    • Data flap could lead CA to drop test consortium

      (Calif.) One of the Legislature’s leaders on education is fed up with the multi-state consortium that provides schools with assessments, and has suggested that California should consider going it alone.

    • More students in poverty, more kids in need of school support

      (Texas) Children living in some of the highest poverty neighborhoods are close to a year behind their peers upon entering kindergarten according to new research which also found that more children are now living in high-poverty neighborhoods.

    • Re-emphasizing the Title IX imperative

      This column originally ran on April 20.

      Allegations against celebrities along with a recent resolution agreement between a California district and the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights should be stark reminders that schools must be vigilant about policies and practices regarding harassment and hostile environments.

    • Amazon helps Kentucky’s CTE to include cyber security

      (Ky.) State leaders unveiled a career pathway that will allow Kentucky’s high school students to prepare for careers in cyber security, cloud-based technology and other computer science fields in the coming school year.

    • Plan for special STEM state school draws opposition

      (Calif.) The question of whether the Legislature itself should serve as an authorizing agency for what would essentially be a charter school is set for consideration later this session.

    • Community awareness needed for underserved groups

      This column originally ran on February 28, 2017.

      The special education department has an obligation to inform the community about dynamic issues relevant to students with disabilities. Recent briefs from the U.S. Department of Education should serve as an impetus to fulfill this responsibility for three subpopulations that are often unrecognized.

    • June revenues disappoint, but surge is still expected

      (Calif.) The 2016-17 fiscal year closed with weak tax collections in June, snuffing out hopes of a last minute boost from high income earners and Wall Street investors.

    • Identifying CA’s lowest performing schools proves difficult

      (Calif.) The state’s board of education decided Wednesday to put off identifying California’s lowest performing schools for federal accountability purposes for at least another year.

    • Making Title IX protections proactive

      This column originally ran on April 27.

      Recent actions by the U.S. Education Department Office of Civil Rights reaffirm the statutory responsibility of school districts to clearly and systematically communicate policies and complaint procedures to students, parents, and every employee. Essentially, the OCR has asserted–very forcefully–that civil protections depend on proactivity.

    • Early ESSA plans dinged for not addressing needs of all kids

      (Mass.) The first round of Every Student Succeed Act state plans submitted to the federal education department show promise in terms of how states will identify and support struggling schools, but no state has submitted a plan likely to close achievement gaps between subgroups, according to new research.