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    • UPDATED: Touted class-size reduction program sunsets

      CORRECTION: A prior version of this story incorrectly reported the QEIA approtionment this year was about $400 million. The correct amopunht was $265 million, of which $211 million was provided in November, leaving $53 million to be delivered this spring.

      (Calif.) A highly successful class-size limitation program is coming to an end after delivering about $3 billion in supplemental support to struggling schools.

    • What defines computer science studies?

      As ubiquitous as the study of code, bandwidth and hardware has become, the need to establish a clear definition of what exactly the discipline entails has perhaps hit a tipping point, according to new survey results released last month by the Computer Science Teachers Association and Oracle Academy.

    • Budget outlines new CTE proposal

      In his 2015 budget released in January, Gov. Jerry Brown wants to spend $750 million over the next three years to launch a new Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program in which districts provide matching funds to create and build upon high-quality CTE programs that offer skills and practical experience to help students prepare for success in college and careers.

    • Assess the situation—then plan for transitions

      There are many components to consider when developing transition plans for students with disabilities, not the least of which is the student's own goals and ambitions.

    • Compliance issues spotlight teacher evaluation stalemate

      (Calif.) More than five years have passed since President Barack Obama warned lawmakers in California that federal funding was at risk because the state failed to use education data to distinguish poor teachers from good ones. The president could repeat his warning again today because things stand largely as they did in 2009.

    • En garde: Schools embrace offbeat fitness options

      (Colo.) For decades, most students began their physical education class by running laps or gathering into teams on a court, in a pool or on a field. But now, students in some schools might just as well grab a Ping-Pong paddle, a bow and quiver, or protective gear and fencing foil.