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  • New workgroup to examine CTE credentialing difficulties

    (Calif.) The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved the launch of a workgroup that will include WestEd, the California Department of Education and other stakeholders with an interest in increasing the number of teachers with career technical education credentials.

  • School entry immunization totals remain high

    (Calif.) The percentage of kindergartners entering school last fall that received all the required vaccinations dropped slightly to 95.1 percent—but still stayed above the 94 percent threshold to protect against community outbreaks.

  • Time to replace study hall with core classes?

    (Mass.) It is a question that educators and budget analysts have asked time and time again—whether schools should do away with study periods. Now a district in Massachusetts is poised to find out with an expected boost in state support of $3.4 million, some of which would be used to replace study hall with core course work.

  • Backlog of misconduct cases remain on appeal

    (Calif.) The number of open educator misconduct cases pending at the Attorney General’s office remains historically high while the total number in April exceeded 2,800.

  • Evidence that a hot classroom is no place for learning

    (Mass.) This week, candidates all over the U.S. are making promises to voters about how they would fix poor performing schools. Some suggest better curriculum, others say more highly-trained teachers, and there are a few who want to reduce testing.