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  • States must target efforts to improve grad rates, study finds

    (Md.) While many low-performing high schools in the U.S. have increased meager graduation rates, researchers at Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins University say more targeted intervention is needed to turn around the approximately 1,300 schools still in need of serious improvement.

  • Researchers urge states to take serious look at attendance data

    (District of Columbia) Schools struggling to close achievement gaps between student subgroups should take a deeper look at their attendance data, as new research has found linkage between absenteeism rates and some demographic factors such as race, ethnicity, language, and poverty and disability status.

  • Utah aims to get former teachers back in the classroom

    (Utah) State and education officials announced a new collaborative effort to address Utah’s teacher shortage by re-engaging former teachers who may be interested in returning to the classroom.

  • School calendar change boosts attendance and achievement

    (Alaska) In a state with one of the highest rates of chronic absenteeism in the country, one school district’s move to adjust the school calendar to align with student lifestyles has led to a spike in attendance and academic achievement.

  • Red tape chokes school data system

    (Calif.) A cumbersome and unorganized data management system continues to crimp the ability of policymakers to answer even basic questions about the performance of California’s 10,000 schools, according to a report released today by a team of scholars affiliated with Stanford University.