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  • Final adjustment on evaluation dashboard

    (Calif.) Staring at a deadline sometime this month for giving the public its first access to a web-based delivery of a host of new school and student performance indicators, officials at the California Department of Education will likely be putting in some overtime.

  • Lawmakers move to educate kids on human trafficking

    (Fla.) A pair of bills introduced this week would require middle and high school health classes to include lessons on the dangers of human trafficking and how to spot the signs to identify victims or traffickers themselves.

  • Writers’ workshop builds student educational skills

    (Penn.) One student grapples with the notion that she may be on the autism spectrum, but fears the idea of getting tested and the implications of knowing for sure. Another explores the difficulty of alcohol abuse in the family, and a third discusses the feelings of a parent never coming home.

  • Do-over entrance exam project sends more students to college

    (Tenn.) A surge of students scored higher on college admission tests and became eligible for in-state scholarships following Tennessee’s first state-funded program giving high schoolers to retake the ACT exam.

  • School management linked to teacher turnover

    (N.Y.) The high rate of teacher turnover in most schools serving low-income neighborhoods has generally been perceived as the result of the problems students from low-income families bring to class.