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  • Final adjustment on evaluation dashboard

    (Calif.) Staring at a deadline sometime this month for giving the public its first access to a web-based delivery of a host of new school and student performance indicators, officials at the California Department of Education will likely be putting in some overtime.

  • School management linked to teacher turnover

    (N.Y.) The high rate of teacher turnover in most schools serving low-income neighborhoods has generally been perceived as the result of the problems students from low-income families bring to class.

  • College readiness first, students joining the workforce second

    (Ariz.) Like many states, Arizona has struggled to strike a balance between ensuring kids are adequately prepared to enter the workforce or succeed in college–but new legislation has signaled a definitive shift toward promoting higher education.

  • Study finds girls turn away from STEM subjects early

    (District of Columbia) Efforts to funnel girls into careers in math and science may be thwarted before they begin, according to new findings that children as young as 6 begin self-selecting out of those fields.

  • Counties may not be best to serve alternative students

    (Calif.) In an effort to improve educational services to students incarcerated in the jail system, lawmakers should give districts greater control over the money spent on court schools as well as greater responsibility over their performance.