Bills passed to streamline foster enrollment

The Assembly sent legislation to the governor Monday that would ensure that foster kids that transfer schools are enrolled in their new school without delay, even if the students can't immediately supply medical records.

AB 709 by Assemblywoman Julia Brownley clears up conflicting laws that have led to foster students experiencing delays in school enrollment if they can't supply medical records including immunization documents.

"Foster youth need stable home and school environments, but they often experience changes that require them to switch schools where they encounter enrollment delays," said Brownley, D-Santa Monica, chairwoman of the Assembly Committee on Education, in a statement.

"These delays exacerbate the interruptions in their studies and make it hard for them to keep up academically," said Brownley, adding that her bill should speed up the enrollment process.

The bill clarifies that districts must ensure that all foster children are appropriately immunized, but lack of paperwork can no longer be a reason to delay enrollment.

The Assembly also passed legislation that would update the California State Teachers' Retirement System to protect pensions despite the potential for automatic midyear cuts under 2011-12 state budget agreement. more